Ben – What is a UBS port? Btw, which Thai 787s have angled flat beds? Thai business used to be my preferred way of travelling from Australia to Europe. I ordered a glass of champagne (Thai Airways offers Veuve Clicquot in business class, which is solid), and sparkling water. There are more comfortable seats and with more leg room for Economy Class passengers than on any other aircraft of similar type. As far as what I told the cabin manager, I actually just mentioned how phenomenal the service was, and how I was so impressed and I couldn’t think of anything they could really do to improve. At BKK, I have been skipping the Thai Lounge and use the SQ lounge, which was fairly new and offer better food, drinks and other amenities. As to not getting sleep, a lighter intake of food would help greatly, and as others have already pointed out, you should ditch the coffee, and any other caffeine drinks. I have also visited the Turkish Lounge as you had reviewed, but I did no think it is up to SQ and EVA’s standard. For example, if I had tacked on a flight from, say, Fiji, the rate would have dropped to 75,000 miles, even though I’d be flying a few thousand moremiles. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. @ JDS — Hah, sharp observation! Used to be gold with Thai and loved flying them, They had a very underrated miles program in Royal Orhcid Plus, I utilised the free upgrade from PER-FRA return and took advantage of some of their 50% off reward bookings they quietly offered gold flyers. I am glad you have given Thai A350 business class service a fairly positive review. The seat layouts alternate in each row. Arrive: 7:35AM I thought the 787-8 had angled seats, but they do appear to be fully flat. I was in one of these seats (15A), right around the center of the cabin. your point about Thai food reheating well is spot on. It’s good to know they are improving standards. THAI’s A350 XWB consists of 321 seats. Swiss air and Lufthansa is my favourite. Thai Airways A350 Business Class Seating. I dare say TG’s service in business class is better than SQ’s. Previous Article Tacky Clothes Versus Tacky Flight Attendants At American Airlines The legroom and seat width on the brandnew This website is best viewed with Chrome V.38 or higher, Firefox V.27 or higher, Desktop Safari V.7 or higher, Mobile Safari V.5 or higher  and Internet Explorer v.11 or higher.Copyright © 2021 Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI). While that’s better than nothing, that will last you maybe 10 minutes with normal use, so is hardly anything to get excited about. This is a pretty traditional staggered configuration, virtually identical to Vietnam Airlines’ A350 business class, for example. I was completely blown away by the service. Aaron Wong. Business Class passengers enjoy wider, more comfortable seats.There are 32 seats in Royal Silk Class, which was designed for maximum Business Class passenger comfort, by placing a distance of 41-46 inches between seat rows. I hope that after all the work and little sleep you headed straight for the Lufthansa lounge at MXP for the best lounge coffee that I have had in a long time. Boarding was efficient, and by 12:30AM the door closed for our 10hr55min flight to Milan. I boarded through the forward door, where I was greeted by two flight attendants who couldn’t have been kinder. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. Please check your email to confirm your subscription. There are 289 seats in Economy Class, with a seat pitch of 32 inches and18 inchs seat width. Aircraft: Airbus A350-900 Thai’s onboard services and catering have improved quite a bit. EVA’s Lounge is also quite decent. That said, if you get the 777, 788 or god forbid the 747 you will have a much poorer experience that will make you question whether you want to fly Thai again any time soon if at all regardless of how reasonable the price may be. Thai’s Business Class became one of the best in the World now, beating Emirates, being my previous favorite. Where TG do fall flat is on their legacy aircraft hard product all of which feature the ubiquitous angled lie flats while the 744s are positively jurassic Mind you I am not a big fan of SQ’s J hard product which I think is due for a tenth if not sweet 16 birthday celebration. They are excellent. Earn 85,000 Membership Reward® points | Terms Apply. Bottom line. One of the most underrated hard/soft products out there – the food has always been sublime, though I rarely care for the random assortment of appetisers to start off. I was impressed by how clean the crew kept the lavatories, down to the toilet paper being perfectly folded at all times. Given that I had the A350’s business class seats and the 747’s first class seats, it has really been a nice blessing overall. At Suvarnabhumi Airport they scan your boarding pass as you enter the gate area, and then you just sit down in the gate area until boarding starts. I won’t hesitate to fly it’s A350 services. So amazing that I almost forgot about the poor transfer/lounge access experience when we were on the ground in ZRH. I have been flying Thai quite a bit in the past 18 months between SE Asia and Australia. I ordered the pandan sago with young coconut in coconut milk. So on those planes it would be a very different experience. The first of the model is called HS-THB, also known as Wichian Buri–named by King Bhumibol–which is identical to the name of a district in Phetchaburi Province. Saturday, August 10 I’ve also flown TG in economy and have no complaints although we did take an extremely tired 737 from USM to BKK on that same TYO-BKK itin. The service was excellent. The first thing I noticed was just how purple the cabin was. Waiting in the literature pocket were the menu and wine list for the flight. When I woke up I tried to go back to sleep, but then I placed so much pressure on myself to go back to sleep that I couldn’t. I thought the the Thai staggered seats remind me of the United Polaris design except United cramped so many seats into the cabin. I take it often between MEL-BKK. At around 6:15AM Milan time the captain announced we’d be descending shortly and would be landing in about 35 minutes. Thailand is mostly a leisure market that’s highly price sensitive, and the economics of operating an ultra long haul flight without high yield business demand is challenging. Let’s get to know the brand new Thai Airways Airbus A350-900XWB (Extra Wide Body), which was just recently introduced. I flew Thai business on the A380 BKK-NRT a few years ago and the lie-flat seats were much better than the angled seats on the 744 we had on the outbound HND-BKK flight. I’m often hard on Thai for the poor financial shape it is in and for its dated business class on the 747 and 777. Try their spa in Bangkok airport. Class of travel Royal Silk Class : 32 Economy Class : 289. Now a days their food menu detoriated a bit. And the food looked amazing! The meal was exceptional, in my opinion — the food quality was great, the pace of service was ideal given the late night departure, and the service couldn’t have been friendlier. I had my first ever Business experience with TG back in January on a 777 with exactly the same product as that A350. [Click above for the video review.] The business class cabin on the Thai Airways A330-300 was located between the first and second pairs of doors, and consisted of a total of 36 angled seats. The food and service are good, but not spectacular. While boarding was scheduled to begin at 12AM, in reality it started at 12:15AM, with business class passengers being invited to board first. Soon after that, service and food started going downhill, and prices got higher. In the center section, seats alternate between being closer to one another, and being closer to the aisle. What an awesome trip. One would like to see Thai recover but by any objective measure, sadly, that ship has sailed. I don’t know why seat designers completely neglect that aspect. Thai Airways’ A350-900 business class cabin consists of a total of 32 staggered seats. Outside of banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. Thai Airways business class dinner — champagne & nuts. Thai A350-900 at NRT Gate 44. That would keep me from sleeping. The better color scheme, similar flat seats, and meals. Pre-departure drinks of choice? All rights reserved. You must be very lucky to get those who are proud of doing their job. ” I was in one of these seats (15A), right around the center of the cabin.”, I had to re-read that sentence, normally after the seat number is given, the next words are nearly always “at the back of the cabin” or “which is the last row of business class.”. This was right around the time the gate opened. Flight was still very good and the food some of the best in the sky. Galley. Changi Airport Terminal 1 Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class Lounge So, immediately after checking in, I headed straight for the Thai business lounge in T1. Enjoy the relaxing moment throughout your flight, sit back and indulge an unforgettable journey of comfort. Thai’s A350 doesn’t offer a premium economy class, instead boasting 289 standard economy seats in a … Service began the moment I settled into my seat. Love the look of the Thai livery on the A350! use tab or arrow key for navigate dropdown and press ESC for exit to next menu, Please select country dropdown use tab or arrow key for navigate dropdown and press ESC for exit to next menu, use tab for navigate menu and press ESC for exit from sub-menu, Open an external Thai Airways Facebook in a new tab, Open an external Thai Airways Twitter in a new tab, Open an external Thai Airways Channel on Youtube in a new tab, Link to information about how to add official Thai Airways account on LINE application, Open an external the official instagram account of Thai Airways in a new tab, Open Thai Airways Public Information Centre website, Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibition(MICE), Reservation & Ticketing Terms & Conditions, Optional Services & Fees on Code Share Flights. The Airbus A350 XWB was designed in Thai contemporary design and is equipped with ambient LED based mood lighting complete with 16.7 million colors. More flavorful, more caring staff whom are very proactive with refills and service. Royal Silk Cabin. The “honeymoon” seats are popular for those who want to be close to their travel companion, but aren’t ideal if traveling next to a stranger. In that sense, one should not expect consistency with TG and the next flight can be a total disappointment. Thai Airways began flying the A350 to the Chinese capital last month, while Guangzhou is set to see the aircraft sometime this year. Thai is awesome. After an incredible week in Sri Lanka, it was time to say goodbye in style and what better way than by experiencing Thai’s brand new business class on the A350! My only real criticism was the lack of individual air nozzles. My tray was cleared less than 90 minutes after takeoff, so I was ready to get some rest with about 9hr30min remaining to Milan. Please fill your departure/arrival destination and select your travel date to find your Personal THAI Experience. There was no wifi on the flight, Thai Airways Business Class is a little low on entertainment options compared to … Recently, I had the good opportunity to fly Thai business from Manila to Bangkok when i was equally impressed by Thai’s good service including a real Champagne flute; your MVP review resonates with my recent experience. Overall, I’d say the service and the food have improved markedly over the past few years. Only issue is business class lounges but there are plenty of other options in BKK. Sounds like a good experience overall. No. It was served with Tom Jiew Nua (spicy beef soup with sweet potatoes and mixed herbs), stir-fried sweet pork, stir-fried snap peas with garlic, and steamed jasmine rice. of aircraft 12. Thai Airways’ A350 business class. While Thai Airways serves business class meals on trays (rather than directly on the tray table), that system actually makes sense for them, because they’re so efficient. Thai Airways Business Class. WhatsApp. Some rows have true window seats directly adjacent to the windows while other rows have “window” seats closer to … Thai food is so rich and tasty; even mediocre Thai food tastes good. The Airbus A350 XWB was designed in Thai contemporary design and is equipped with ambient LED based mood lighting complete with 16.7 million colors. I just flew on Thai’s A350 as well. The Airbus A350 is a fantastic aircraft and I like the cabin and seats, although a bit cramped. @ duck ling — Indeed, Thai does love to do last minute aircraft swaps, which is frustrating. I find the service onboard to be really genuinely nice and not robotic like many of the other asian airlines. I just want to say thanks to you Lucky for posting good points deals which helped my have this experience! On this flight dinner was served after takeoff, and then breakfast was served before landing. About 20 minutes later the meal was served, with the following choices: I ordered the boiled rice soup with prawns, which was served with a Thai omelet, fresh fruit, bircher muesli with mixed berry compote, and a bread basket. Five minutes later the safety video was screened. The tray table consisted of a single tray that could pretty easily be moved around, so that you could even get up with it extended. Thai Airways Air 940 Start to finish. I was greeted by the cabin manager with a huge smile and a "sa-wad-dee khrab". This trip is very effective with a lot of useful reviews. Already waiting at my seat upon boarding was all the bedding, which included an excellent pillow and blanket, as well as a mattress pad. They are not as private and comfortable. I almost still wait for one of their MD11s to appear – they haven’t been gone that long and they didn’t even have footrests in business class let alone lie flat. The spectacular flight attended noticed my excitement and refilled my champagne flute throughout the whole night. I was quite excited to experience Thai Airways Business Class and it's well known on-board service. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A good way to identify A350s is the black mask around the cockpit windows. This is a pretty traditional staggered configuration, virtually identical to Vietnam Airlines’ A350 business class, for … I worked all through the night during the flight, and the staff couldn’t have been more attentive. There were three business class lavatories — one at the front of the cabin and two at the back of the cabin. It’s not quite on the same level as Singapore Airlines or Qatar Airways, but not at all bad. The entertainment and Wi-Fi were very good as well. One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. Thai Airways has chosen to place 32 lie-flat Stelia Solstys business class seats in the front cabin. I asked for a glass of champagne, which was served in a proper champagne flute (which you don’t often see in business class). The bed was quite comfortable. I couldn’t wait to see what Thai Airways business class would be like, as I had never flown Thai’s long haul business class before (though I have flown their long haul first class). @Ben: excellent review, thank you. The other aircrafts still have older seats and some are angled flat seats, particularly the 777s. I love the purple theme Thai has on their A350 business class seats, it looks great! The Thai Airways A350 business class cabin is made up of 32 flat bed seats arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration. Airlines Thai Airways. Mmmmmm…, Thai Airways business class dinner — dessert. The owner of this site is not an investment advisor, financial planner, nor legal or tax professional and articles here are of an opinion and general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. Note: Please see my Advertiser Disclosure. I chose Tamarind Tea (Thai ice tea) which is only catered on THAI's flight out of Bangkok. Thai Airways business class pre-departure champagne. Thai Airways business class dinner — appetizer. I hardly see Thai FAs being proactive and polished. This is really frustrated. Seat: 15A (Business Class). My flight was departing at 12:40AM, so after lounge hopping and working for several hours, I headed to my departure gate, C2, at around 11:40PM. Thai Airways business class dinner — main course. If you'd like to participate in the discussion, please adhere to our commenting guidelines. But Thai continues to struggle to get people to pay for it : in your case they were virtually giving it away( and good for you and others able to ticket that way).But for ROP members ( and those paying money) they still want to charge a huge premium over the competition. Also to the right of the seat were the seat controls, which were easy to use, along with the entertainment controls. The space between the rows of seats is 41-46 inches, each seat is 21 inches wide and can be reclined 180 degrees… Overall I thought the seat was quite comfortable. Jan 1, 2017. Go figure you’re always asked questions like this when things are actually excellent, while when there’s a lot of room for improvement they rarely care. Airline review: Thai Airways A350 business class, Melbourne to Bangkok I absolutely LOVE flying Thai. Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. Happy and Safe travels. Needless to say that the project was completed on time and I had a really enjoyable flight, even though I was a little sleep deprived on arrival. I flew from Zurich to BKK a few months ago and the rostered 777 (with new seats) was swapped out for a 747. While Thai Airways has several destinations in Europe, this was the best in terms of schedule and getting me on one of their planes with new business class seats. Better than Cathay first class I must say. For a one hour flight its not bad but the aircraft desperately need a refit. Duration: 11hr55min Looks like Thai offers a solid Business Class product. He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. The seats and amenities were roughly what I expected, but everything else exceeded my expectations. Once they stop running Jumbo’s out of Sydney and make their pricing more competitive – I would love to return as a faithful passenger. After the conclusion of the meal I ordered a cappuccino. Oddly when I went to check-in I was assigned a different seat. Earn 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining. (Brisbane and Melbourne have got the 787 or A350). As we climbed out I browsed the entertainment selection. This 11 hours stretch from Brussels to Bangkok was a very comfortable and relaxing trip. Their lounges are where they are let down although this is not uncommon with asian airlines. At that point I selected the only remaining “true” window on the left side, which was 15A. I personally love the amount of purple, its their brand and they stick to it. It would surely also make sense to Thai to rationalise their fleet instead of operating such a mixed up fleet. Editorial Disclosure: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any entity mentioned herein. The layout is an industry standard 1-2-1, draped in beautiful purple fabrics and wood accents. Obviously that’s not Thai’s fault, I’m not sure what was going on. One of the best flights my wife and I have taken was on Thai ZRH-BKK in F on an A346. At this point there was a beautiful sunrise out my window. 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