We get it, influencer outreach can be challenging for brands. You have to be a great fit for them to expect that they will even negotiate with you. This is based on popular sales outreach situations and proven templates that boost your email open rates. This fact seems to hold true whether the similarity is in the area of opinions, personality traits, background, or lifestyle.”, ― Robert B. Cialdini, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Hi [influencer’s name], I’m [your name] from [your company]. Blogger outreach done well considers the brand, the blogger, and the blogger’s audience. But, guess what?You will definitely get high open and reply rates, which means that you will be able to close more partnerships with your influencers.Sit down, work hard and see the magic happen! Writing a creative subject line can be complicated, so here is a list of five email subject line blueprints that you can use for inspiration. It would definitely be boring and time-consuming.But fortunately, lemlist - on of the best mailshake alternatives - is here to make the process easy. Image via Retention Science When that moment comes, you could use one of these influencer outreach email templates: We used this article to show you two effective influencer email outreach examples so you could adjust them to your business. Subject: Use a straightforward subject line that is short and to the point. You don’t wanna be a bad guy and boring spammer like most of them are, right?! Type #2: Influencer Outreach Email Templates. Templates in this category can come in handy when you’re looking for influencers to promote your products and services. Click-bait subject lines, such as “Open Now”, “Must Open”, “Once in a Lifetime Chance”, “Unique Offer” are just about as efficient as those infomercials you see on TV. Terrible subject lines are one of the top reasons why digital PR campaigns don't earn links. To Promote Your Product Offer for you: n% share in the profit Benefit – An email with this subject line helps in attracting the influencer if you are presenting the reasonable share in the profit. Let’s see this influencer outreach email example: Good thing about this email template is that you’ve talked about your potential partner most of time but through your product, so he would see it as a good fit for him or his audience.As you can see, this influencer outreach email template uses the personalized image to engage with your potential influencer.Certainly - you won't like to create each image naturally for every prospect. Alternatively you can ask the influencer to contribute to your content. So and so. 2. You will need to go through each of prospect's social media account and take screenshots. They don’t work with everyone. You can also test email subject lines with CoSchedule’s Email Subject Line Tester: Show You Know the Influencer With Your First Line. Second to this point, is to deliver value before you ask for something. Love to drink good wines, write amazing content, ride horses and walk out with my two dalmatian dogs :). Email subject line … I have a dress I want to send you That’s why writing compelling subject lines for cold emails has become more important today than ever. Our algorithm and email template editor allows you to create images and personalize them on scale for each influencer prospect. Here are 23 email copywriting tips for your next influencer email. Emojis are a great way of achieving this. This doesn't have to be money, and you would have already figured out what it is you can offer them in the research phase of the outreach process. There are several ways in which you can do your influencer outreach, but direct influencer outreach is the most common method. Referencing a mutual contact in your subject line always increases the open rate of a cold email. Here are 10 steps to crafting a pitch perfect email, as well as a hypothetical outreach email we’d use ourselves. Promotion, prospecting, guest blogging, influencer marketing, building your personal brand, soliciting reviews and ratings, link-building, and more can all benefit from the tactic.. Here’s more good news: you don’t need 100+ different outreach templates to win at cold emailing. 1. The majority of marketers say that targeted personalization increases customer engagement. Use it in your cold email to reach out to an influencer and it will increase your open rates. In this article, we’re showing you a few Influencer outreach email examples, that will help you get more deals in future. That’s why personalization is at the heart of every template we have included below. I'm passionate about organic B2B SaaS marketing. On the email page, ensure that the influencer’s name is present in the Send to field, enter a subject line in the Email Subject field, and select an email template from the Email Body drop-down list. Nearly 90% of all marketers find that ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels. How to Write Excellent Subject Lines for Your Outreach Emails. Personalize Your Message. Foster a relationship that focuses on your mutual admiration for their content and your brand. Influencer Outreach Tip #5: Good Subject Lines. Let’s be real: Email outreach should be a core element of your marketing plan. Personalized emails improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%, and emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.. Like Robert B. Cialdini wrote in his book: “We like people who are similar to us. So, let’s see some examples for following up after a call, meetup, or networking event. Advertise on Their Website Famous actors and actresses are traditional influencers, but popular YouTube personalities and bloggers are … Read this article to find out! Let’s say you did it well, and that you have all the needed information about the ones you’re trying to reach. In this part below, we’ll present you our 2 influencer outreach email templates that could get you new influencer collaborations if you use them well. Use a straightforward subject line. Get all the latest & greatest posts delivered straight to your inbox. If in some cases, you don’t get response from some part of them, try to test some of follow-up emails to inspire them to respond. Influencer Marketing is great once you get the hang of how to do it effectively. Focus your outreach email on what the influencer stands to gain from entering into a business relationship with you. 2. Also, they are approximately accepting nearly 25% of collaboration requests - according to the same research. They are offering help to their subscribers and reminding them they are around. So, your next marketing strategy is to arrange partnerships with popular influencers in your industry? Want to collaborate with an influencer but not sure how to reach out effectively? Learning which subject line best resonates with your recipients will help you craft higher converting emails. Then mimic the subject for your outreach. We are a company that [what you do and how it is related to him/her]. Another study found that 80% of emails are accessed via mobile devices, so it’s important to keep your subjects short and crisp. Congrats on your recent award [insert name of award] Everyone likes to be complimented and appreciated. And when you write an influencer outreach email, you should take each and every opportunity to personalize your message. The 10 most helpful influencer collaboration email subject line templates 1. Outreach's Top 5 Sales Email Subject Lines #1: The Quick Call (Personalized) What to say: Whatever you choose - make sure to use personalized images - because they're literally skyrocketing your reply rates and helps you to close more deals.You can see the magic of personalized images in our 14-day trial. Simple Greeting: Don’t overdo on the formality and address them as Dear Mr. or Mrs. Emails with personalized subject lines get on average 30.5% higher open rates than general ones. Subject Lines For Your Outreach: The subject line is one of the most important aspects of your outreach. But if they don’t get opened, you may as well have not sent them in the first place. If you show them that you’re similar to them (but only if you really are) you have much better chances to get their “Yes”.

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