Avoid chokers and bulky/chunky necklaces. You will notice how the face length and cheekbone width are similar dimensions with only a slight decrease down the jawline. Their forehead is a little wider than their chin. ☑ The angle of the jaw is soft and not as defined. To lengthen the face, women should choose hairstyles that have lots of volume on top, like textured pixie cuts. You have a round face when the vertical to horizontal ratio is equal. When you measure from ear to ear and from the top of the forehead to the chin, these lengths should be within an inch or two of each other, says Fae Norris, a hairstylist at Rock Paper Salon in Los Angeles. Pendant necklaces with a single amulet or charm work well to draw attention down giving the face the appearance of more length. Jul 6, 2015 - Explore SONU V SAGAR's board "round face shape", followed by 90837 people on Pinterest. There is a clear difference between lengths of both sides. Getty Images. Apply the darker shade of eyeshadow over each eyelid and just above the crease of the eye. There is a certain relationship between face shape and personality. They are widest at the cheeks and ears. The above graphic helps illustrate a Round face shape’s individual characteristics. If you are a black woman with thin hair & round shape face you might find this task overwhelming. Getty Images. 13 of 14. Long, straight hair is an excellent choice for round and square faces, because it … You can never go wrong with a blunt bangs look. In order to contrast and de-emphasize the roundness of the face, you can try glasses with angular frames. Off-Center Top Knot Rivera applauds Emma Stone's fringey pieces here, that not only highlight her face shape but show off her long neck as well. Blunt Bangs for Round Faces. Jewelry can help acheive this. Should I get platinum blonde. Short, Round, Face Shape. Extend the eyeshadow downward around to the bottom corners of the eye in a circular shape. These styles can accentuate the curves of your round face. Longer opera length necklaces (28" to 34") work well. People with long faces are resolute, stubborn and decisive. Concealer is usually one step lighter than the foundation. There are four main face shapes: oval, round, heart and square. Today I'm showing you how to contour and highlight a round face shape. It’s simple yet sexy and the long, sleek hair frames the face without exaggerating its round shape. How To Tell If You Have a Round Face: The width of the cheekbones is roughly the same as the length of the face. The Round Shaped Face is characterized by a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones. Frames To Avoid For A Round Face. Hey guys! An oval face is taller than it is wide, while round faces look more like a circle. Round Face Shape. Round faces. While this facial shape features softer, more rounded features, it differs from a fat face in some important ways. Round Face Shape. Apply a medium shade lipstick to the lips if you desire. Not every short hairstyle is good for a round face, but some of those below seem so cute that you simply can’t deny yourself a pleasure to try a sassy short haircut for a change. The majority of your features are soft and rounded. Round face shapes are complemented by myriad hairstyles—there certainly isn't a style that should be considered completely "off limits." Go with a length that balances out the dimensions of your face. Most importantly, the frames must not be wider than the width of your face. For women with darker skin under the eyes, apply concealer. Results Pages: Round • Oval • Square • Rectangle • Oblong • Heart • Triangle • Diamond, Home | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Sitemap. Ginnifer Goodwin is the quintessential round face shape example. Hairstyles for women over 60 with Round Face: ... It’s just the compatibility of hairstyle with your face shape that matters. With round faces, the cheeks are usually full and the chin is rounded with very few angles. They have a low round hairline, short chin and round jaw line. The round face shape is approximately as long as it is wide. Soft facial features, such as a rounded jaw line, differentiate the round face from other similar face shapes like the square face, which has hard, angular facial features. ☑ Your forehead and jawline are a similar measurement. What would be good hairstyle for mix oval and diamond shape with angular jaw line? The round face shape is one in which the width and the length of the face are approximately the same. The measurements’ low range gives the face a round appearance. Round: If you have a round face shape, then you have chubby cheeks and your face’s width and length would be almost equal. Apply foundation to your face, throat and chest (depending on your top garment's neck line) covering all skin evenly. Hot take: Determining your face shape is a waste of your time. Blunt styles make a statement! Your cheeks are the widest part of your face, which gives it that rounded shape. Use a smooth motion and make the line sweep up slightly. Using a powder brush, take your conturing or bronzing powder (should be slightly darker than your foundation) and lightly brush both sides of your face and below your jawline. Styles that provide instant height using products to add volume on the crown on the head, Add length under the chin by styling hair towards the top of the shoulders, as seen in shag cuts, Long styles should have graduated shag or layers, Keep the sides of your hair short or closer to the face. Square faces have broad jawlines. Round Face Shape. Choose a flattering hair length for your face shape. This can be achieved in a few different ways: The goal with makeup for this facial shape is to make your face appear taller and thinner to enhance your round face. Round Face. To apply blush, lightly brush on the center of cheekbone below the pupil of the eye, and blending down toward bottom of nose. When it comes to hairstyles round faces are quite similar to square faces and everything that is applicable to square face shape applies to round faces too. The best way to sum up a round face is that it’s just about if not the same in width as it is in length with no major corners at the jaw. What face shape do I have? The sides of the face curve slightly outward, and the cheekbones are the widest area of the face. Unlike some other face shapes, a round face is often very distinguished because it is all about the curves. A fat face is often so overwhelmed by excess body fat that the bones of the face are almost completely lost. Men should opt for styles that add some angles to their soft faces, such as undercuts. If you have a round face shape, your face length and width are about equal. Curtain Bangs for Round Faces. If your brows have very light hair, draw the brows on by slowly building them up in a slight arch. Using the lighter eyeshadow, cover your each eyelid, then brush in an upward motion, almost to the browline. The widest point of the face is at the cheeks and ears. Distinguishing it from its slimmer oval and oblong siblings, the round face is characterized by its circular shape. 29. One person that I think has always done a great job keeping her round face looking more oval-ish Ginnifer Goodwin. As a round face lacks length, wearing long hair straightened in a super sleek style really works to stretch the face … Celebrities With Round Face: Ginnifer Goodwin; Mila Kunis; Emma Stone Mascara is applied to your eyelashes, brushing in a small "s" pattern as you pull up. All Information Copyright © 2011-2017 face-shape.com. Round faces are all soft curves and smooth lines with a face that is roughly the same width from the jaw up through to the brow. Wispy, Side-Swept Bangs You also probably have a round chin. In some people, the neck may also appear short. Round faces look very good with a geometric or linear style. This creates shadows to help give the illusion of a chiseled and sculpted face. Hairstyles for round face shape. Define your brows with the liner pencil. Oval: Women with oval face shape have a face length which is 1 ½ times the size of its width. Hairstyles for Round Face. See more ideas about round face shape, round face, face shapes. There are soft or non-existent angles on the face, and the chin is rounded. Almost all the women in this world with a round face and thin hair finds it really difficult at times to find the perfect hairstyle for themselves. They have a low round hairline, short chin and round jaw line. A round face is the rarest facial shape there is. Basically, the sides of your face are rounded with your cheekbones being the widest part of your face and your chin being smoother and less pronounced. ☑ Your cheekbones and face length are larger than the forehead and jawline. Repeat the same motion to create a line on the bottom, stopping at the center of the eye. People with round shaped faces need to add height and length the appearance of their face. Be sure the frames are longer than they are high, to make your face appear longer. Generally, round faces have softer features with very few sharp angles and measure approximately even in width and height. Learn to look your best with the tips and pointers below. Determining Your Face Shape. You have no angles to your jaw, which is also rounded. Earrings should dangle and be more longer than wide. She doesn’t hide behind her hair which many people with a round face shape try to do. Celebrities with this facial shape include: Drew Barrymore, Natalie Merchant, Kelly Osbourne, Kirsten Dunst, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Williams. One of the most effective and stylish hairstyles for those with round faces is long and straight. Unlike oval and long faces, the widest point is across the cheekbones, and then it narrows a bit at the forehead and chin (which are also rounded). This coats the all sides of each lash and separates them. As a good rule of thumb, you want to avoid round, geometrically shaped, and small oval, and narrow frames. Round faces appear wider and shorter, almost circular. Be sure the frames are longer than they are high, to make your face appear longer. If the compatibility is good than you are going to look great. To make the most of a round face shape, your bangs should add some much needed length and also narrow down the sides of your face to create a much more flattering face shape. Your chin is rounded, and your cheekbones are the widest part of your face. Current trends suggest knotting a string of beads/pearls together once in the center of the drape. Bangs are a great way to enhance a round face shape, but choosing the right style is crucial. As you can see, round faces are about the same width across as they are high. Now that you have discovered your face shape type, learn how to complement it using different hairstyles, makeup, glasses and more. If your forehead is wider than your jaw, you’re probably a heart. But if your goal is to trick the eye and create more definition and elongate the face, there are certain looks that will do just that. Celebs with your face shape: Chrissy Teigen, Elizabeth Olsen, Jennifer Lawrence, Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams Round faces are relatively symmetrical. Round Face Shape Specifications. If you have a round face, your face is nearly equal in length and width and has a soft, circular appearance. The good news is that you have many great options to adopt for your hairstyle. A round facial shape should choose a rectangular or angular frame shape. You will likewise notice that they have roundness below their cheekbones. Face Framing Bangs. Eyeliner is applied to the base of the lids from the outside of the eye twords the nose. The round and square faces belong to those who are outgoing, passionate, intelligent and tough. The length of your hair can affect how long and wide your face looks. 1. Anybody have any ideas about what my face shape may be? This creates definintion in the jaw and makes your face appear thinner. If you have a round face, and you are wondering what is a suitable hairstyle for you, then take a closer look at our selection of on fleek hairstyles for round faces. A round facial shape should choose a rectangular or angular frame shape. A round face can be described as having the same facial features and shape as a square face, but with less angular cuts or softer edges. You have a round face shape if: ☑ Your cheekbones and face length are a similar measurement. Any necklace style that is the shape of a "V" creates a longer line. Many women find that childrens' frames give them a better fit, and sometimes cost less than larger adult frames. Round shaped faces are equally as wide as they are long. ASYMMETRIC CUT is a haircut in which one side of hair is shorter that the other. What's Ian Somerhalder's (Damon Salvatore) face shape? Round faces appear wider and shorter, almost circular. Long bangs that can be shaped around the perimeter of your face will add length and create a narrow line around your face. They are widest at the cheeks and ears. (For asian women and those with small eyelids, leave the lids light, and blend the darker shade just above the crease.). Take our Zenni Face Shape Quiz to determine your face shape and find the most flattering glasses. Women with round faces are inclined to have sweeping hairlines, reduced chin, and typically short neck. Your over-all goal with any style you choose is to add height and elongate the appearance of your round facial shape. Clear lower frames will also give a lift to the face and detract from fullness in the cheeks. They have a round chin and hairline. This makes the eye appear taller. 28. Before choosing a haircut based on face shape, it’s important to be sure that you have identified your face’s shape correctly. Many male celebs have a distinctly round face, among them Elijah Wood, Patrick Dempsey, Seal, and Nick Lachey. Clear lower frames will also give a lift to the face and detract from fullness in the cheeks. Opt for a trendy style! Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, so the best hairstyles will minimize your prominent cheeks while elongating your face and making it appear more oval. Long and semi long, soft and natural, assymetrical, messy updos, and layered hairstyles with the shortest layer at your earlobe will look great on you. AVOID WIDTH. If you have a round face, your face is nearly equal in length and width and has a soft, circular appearance. Add height when possible, and … This may also come in handy to clean up any eyeshadow that may have dropped under the eyes. Those with a round face will have a shorter, more rounded chin and forehead with broad cheeks, creating a circular shape. Christina Ricci’s shaggy version is the perfect complement. Characteristics of round face shapes. What is my face shape guys and what haircut will suit me? This should start at one end of the eye, and end at the other end, making sure the brow is slightly longer than the eye. Those with oblong faces are gentle and keenly observant. Hairstyles for mix diamond and oblong face. You never want to add body to the hair from forehead to jawline, Add curls around the crown of your head, but not near the cheeks, Two shades of eyeshadow, one medium and one darker. 50 Super Cute Looks with Short Hairstyles for Round Faces. Examples of round face shape. This style of fringe is a great way to help elongate your face shape. A round face is like a square-shaped face with softer angles—the sides of your face curve slightly outward instead of being straight. Hair color for an oval and heart mixed face shape.